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It looks like real stone because it IS real stone!

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Product Coverage

Each component of the Spray-on Stone™ system has a different coverage, as shown in the chart below. The ratio of Stone Paint to either Primer or Top Coat is 13:1. That is, for every 1 container of either Primer or Top Coat used (to cover 80 sqm), allow for up to 13 containers of Stone Paint.


The Process

The Spray-on Stone™ process is made up of three (or, optionally, four) parts - priming the surface; optionally masking the prepared surface to create various finish effects; application of the Spray-on Stone paint; and application of the Topcoat sealer. 





We can supply you with all the tools required to make your Spray-on Stone™ project a  simple, time efficient and affordable

application to all of your building projects




Ensure you only use genuine Spray-on Stone™ paint