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It looks like real stone because it IS real stone!

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Exterior application

Spray-on Stone™ can be used on exterior broad walls, columns, corbelling, window and door frames and lintels, or anywhere a durable, weatherproof real stone finish is desired. The product can be applied over existing brickwork, a variety of construction boards, and concrete. Using nothing more than masking tape and a little imagination, Spray-on Stone™ can achieve striking creative effects such as stone block patterns or unique wall art.


Spray-on Stone™ is an amazingly versatile, sprayable finish that can be used on both exterior and interior walls, columns, corbeling, pre-fabricated concrete surrounds or wherever a real stone finish is desired. Perfect for builders wanting a quality finish on houses, town houses and apartment buildings.



Spray-on Stone™ can be applied to a broad range of substrates, providing the surface is solid and flat. Ideal substrates include concrete, brick, cement render and Magnesium Oxide 

(MgO) wall board.


Interior application

Use Spray-on Stone™ for feature walls, fireplaces, window frames and sills, kitchen or laundry splashbacks. Spray-on Stone™ can be applied over a broad range of internal substrates, including concrete, cement render, fibre cement, MGO wall board,(for window frames and sills) and gypsum board. Compatible with foam and plaster architectural mouldings.



Build at a fraction of the cost and get the million dollars look with Spray-on Stone™




Trimwork application

Add stylish architraves to your facade to enhance the real stone look.



Dress up your External Entry with a limestone Spray-on Stone™



Highlight your outdoor bbq entertaining area with Spray-on Stone™


Freshen up your outdoor furniture to  give it a new stone look