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Fireproof, Mould-Proof MgO is the perfect render substrate.

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Made tough for Australian conditions -  wind, fire and water.

UltraMgO™ External Wall 20 is designed to go the distance in exterior cladding applications. 


To demonstrate its performance in all weather conditions, we built a timber wall outside our factory, and clad it with UltraMgO™ panels.


The panels on the left shows how well it holds render.


The panels on the right have no undercoat, no paint, nor any coating of any type. After two years of sun, rain and wind, the panels are  dimensionally stable - no swelling and no movement whatsoever. 




UltraMgO™ Wall board is a light weight building board with many uses and applications in both residential and commercial builds.


The simplicity of application make using Ultra MgO  wall panels time efficient and simple to install with minimal wastage or breakage commonly experienced with regular plasterboard and other inferior building boards.

What gives UltraMgO™ its exceptional fire resistance and durability?


Its all about the type of MgO board...


UltraMgO™ blends Magnesium Oxide with Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) instead of the corrosive and water soluble Magnesium Chloride (MgC12) found in first generation MgO boards. 


The old generation boards are known as Magnesium OxyChloride, with the new generation boards known as Magnesium OxySulphate.


This is the single most important factor when choosing to use Magnesium Oxide boards. Our advice is to avoid Magnesium OxyChloride boards at all costs.


Magnesium OxyChloride boards are cheaper to manufacture and were the main MgO board sold in Australia  before 2015 and unfortunately, are still sold today.


FireProof Cladding Facades has never sold OxyChloride boards. Every UltraMgO™ board sold in Australia has been the second generation Magnesium OxySulphate technology.


What's the real issue with OxyChloride boards?


Old generation OxyChloride boards actively absorb moisture from the air on days of high humidity, then release it back on low humidity days. In the process they "wick" moisture into the wall cavity while also swelling and sometimes shedding their Chloride ions. Both of these undesirable traits affect cement render finishes and paint. 


UltraMgO™ OxySulphate boards are immune to swelling and unaffected by moisture - better for your building, and better for your render finish.


In addition, the various minerals that make up our UltraMgO™ boards have been adjusted to achieve very specific performance characteristics. 


More information on how we control the quality of our boards can be found on our Quality Assurance page.